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dog.png Greenville County Probate Judge Debora Faulkner welcomes you to Probate Attorney Web System (PAWS), an on-line portal to official Greenville County Court records.

paw.png PAWS is designed to provide a cost efficient and time saving method to research, view, download and print Court records for attorneys who are members of the South Carolina Bar.


PAWS is a free service provided by the Greenville County Probate Court to members of the South Carolina Bar. Use of PAWS is limited to attorneys in good standing and licensed by the State of South Carolina Bar Association or support staff of licensed South Carolina attorneys. Only attorneys may register as users of PAWS. Support staff may not register as an attorney. Attorneys will be individually responsible for the use of PAWS by his/her support staff. By use of PAWS Attorneys agree to take all necessary steps to monitor the use of PAWS by support staff. Attorneys shall immediately notify the Court when a staff member with access becomes separated from employment so that access can be immediately revoked. Unauthorized use of this PAWS is strictly prohibited. Access by successful log-in and/or use of this PAWS constitutes acknowledgement that the user is authorized and accepts the terms, conditions and notice(s), as may be modified. The information contained herein is not an official or certified record. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this information; however no warranties or representations whatsoever, whether express or implied, regarding the completeness, accuracy or timeliness of this information and/or data is made, and no liability is created on the part of the provider for any use or resulting occurrence from the use of this information. Anyone using PAWS expressly consents to administrative monitoring of his/her use of PAWS at all times. Access may be revoked at any time for breach of the terms of this agreement.

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